SingPost postmen; Mediacorp

Underpaid postmen from SingPost have been posting letters and deliveries late as a silent protest. The government-owned postal service company was fined S$100,000 yesterday (Feb 7) by the regulator Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) for failing to meet delivery standards in 2017.

IMDA covered up the data of the magnitude in late deliveries and merely stated the months in 2017 where SingPost failed to meet service standards:

SingPost failed to achieve 100 per cent delivery of basic letters by the second working day for five months (January, April, May, October and November) in 2017. It did not achieve this target for registered mail for three months (January, September and November) that year as well.”

The underlying cause behind the late deliveries is low salaries, that has a median data of S$1,540 according to the government’s official figures.

According to a former SingPost postman who left his job in 2018, SingPost has been actively depressing postmen wages since 2014 when they started hiring cheap foreign labour from China, India and Malaysia.

Local Singaporean postmen have not seen a pay rise for over 10 years and the mail room is always short of manpower. Poor employee benefits like having insufficient break time and excessive overtime work resulted in high labour turnover and unproductive amateur postmen.

The former SingPost postman said many experienced postmen are unhappy with the management and “nobody work as a team anymore as they could not be bothered”.