Jean-Christophe Quenot; Facebook

A government-hired MOE teacher has been arrested for children gay sex in Thailand, paying Thai boys between aged 13 to 15 years old in the pretense of teaching English.

French-language teacher Jean-Christophe Quenot, 51, who works at the MOE centre for foreign language at Newton, was arrested by the Thai police at his hotel room in Bangkok on Monday (Feb 4).

The MOE teacher was found with a camera tripod, a video of him having sex with a minor, several pornographic films and 36 condoms. According to the Thai authorities, Jean-Christophe started predating young boys a year ago and would approach them by offering to teach them English and coaching them football.

A Ministry of Education spokesperson said that they are aware of the case and they are now “doing internal checks”. There is no explanation whether if there has been any hiring lapse and if MOE did its due diligence investigating foreign teachers’ background, like having a working-with-children permit and foreign police clearance required in Australia.

The gay child sex predator’s photo has been covered up by the Singapore state media, because he is a foreigner.