"Expert" NMP Walter Theseira; CNA

In the latest propaganda article by state media ChannelNewsAsia, the 151st-ranking propaganda mouthpiece claimed that the rising cost of living is “modest and manageable”.

The government newspaper quoted several pro-government academics, including PAP-nominated Member of Parliament Walter Theseira. Calling the rising inflation “mild”, the fake experts claimed that it is necessary to prevent deflation and “dire consequences” seen in economic superpower Japan.

CNA quoted a government academic from SIM Global Education, Tan Khay Boon, saying that education inflation is a result from Singaporean parents sending their children to “private education institutes like pre-schools, tuition and enrichment classes”.

On food inflation, the fake experts blamed import prices and rising business costs. Pro-government economist Jeff Ng said that the rise is “unavoidable”, but he failed to mention that the government raised water prices by 30% in 2018 and gas tariffs by 10.3%.

Last on their list is medical inflation, which none of the self-styled “experts” noted that healthcare costs are government-controlled.

The “experts” claimed that cost of living is expected to increase further due to global trade wars and rising oil prices – again in another half-truth failing to mention the impending 9% GST in 2020.