Vivian Balakrishnan; Parliament

Singapore’s diplomatic ties with Malaysia has just hit a new low on Friday (Mar 1) after Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan openly attacked Malaysia accusing Mahathir’s government of being corrupted and dishonourable:

“Among other things, Singapore has provided a “framework where all our citizens strive to do our best and can achieve their potential by the dint of our efforts. We also have a zero-tolerance approach on corruption. Moreover, Singapore honours its international agreements and commitments.”

After making the sarcastic remarks, the millionaire PAP Minister added the public can decide if the 1926’s water pricing Singapore is paying today in 2019 is “fair”:

“I will let Members of the House and fellow Singaporeans outside decide for yourselves whether we have been ‘fair’ or, to quote Dr Mahathir, whether we have been ‘morally wrong’. I think the answer is obvious.”

Minister Vivian Balakrishnan also attacked Mahathir for playing politics on the water price review negotiation:

“These are strong, emotive words, no doubt intended to rouse public opinion. I’m supposed to be diplomatic but I think members of this House also know that I call a spade a spade.”

The Singapore government wrongly interpreted the 1962 water agreement contract, that stated that Malaysia has the right to review the water price after 25 years, insisting that Malaysia is unable to review the water price after 1987. This is however not true as the contract actually intended that a price review is allowed “only after 25 years” from 1962 and not “at 25 years later”.