Protest site; Straits Times

When called out by Singapore Herald over its blatant bias in handling public protests, the Singapore Police responded in doublespeak saying that the foreign workers who were in a sit-down protest were merely “gathering” and not “protesting”

The Singapore Police told state media that no law has been infringed as they were “waiting to talk”:

“The migrant workers who gathered outside the site of the old Central Provident Fund building last week were waiting to talk to their employer about their salary claims and were not staging a protest.”

On the 7th of March, Singapore Herald reported that a group of foreign workers numbering over 30 were protesting at their worksite everyday because of unpaid salaries. The law enforcement officers let the protest proceeded and no arrest was made.

This is in stark contrast to the arrest of Jolovan Wham, who was charged for staging a “one-man public protest”, when he took a photo of himself carrying a piece of paper calling for the release of TOC writer Terry Xu.

Jolovam Wham; Facebook

Jolovan Wham, a social worker, now faces up to 2 years in jail for his “protest”.

In the meantime, the foreign workers who protested are now facing deportations and the Manpower Ministry did not offer any constructive assistance to the victims who were cheated for over 3 months of work.