Vivian Balakrishnan; Parliament

Malaysia and Singapore’s quarrel has gone full blown after Minister Vivian Balakrishnan called Malaysia “corrupt and dishonourable”.

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Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah made a response yesterday (Mar 12) openly criticisng Singapore Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan as “malicious” and “hitting below the belt”:

“That is a malicious accusation, it is hitting below the belt.”

The Malaysia Foreign Minister also pointed out the faulty logic of Singapore’s PAP Minister Vivian Balakrishnan claiming that Malaysia could no longer review the water price after 1987.

According to the 1962 water contract, Singapore has only price protection of 3 sen (S$0.01) per thousand gallons of raw water supply for 25 years. The Singapore PAP government however twisted the interpretation claiming that a price review is due only at the year of 1987 and not after.

Malaysia Foreign Minister Saifuddin Abdullah said Singapore Minister’s English is poor:

“So I don’t understand what English is used by the Singaporean Foreign Minister to interpret it in such a manner.”

The Malaysia Minister also confirmed that they will be going to the international court to settle the water price review:

“If they no longer want to negotiate, then we will bring it to the international arbitration and when we reach such a level, I hope the lawmakers here will give us the support to do so.”