Vivian Balakrishnan; Parliament

Twisting interpretation of the 1962 Water Agreement contract to his convenience, Singapore’s Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan insisted that the water price review can only take place in 1987 and not after.

The contract however stated that a price review is only allowed after 25 years, and not on the 25th year after 1962. The price protection of 3 sen (S$0.01) per thousand gallons of raw water, was only for 25 years, and this is why Malaysia is seeking a review today in 2019.

The Malaysian Foreign Minister said on Tuesday (Mar 12) that the negotiation is in the “second phase” and both countries are looking at price modality and period.

Through his ministry’s spokesperson, Minister Vivian Balakrishnan however accused the Malaysian Foreign Minister of lying, by claiming that water price negotiations have never taken place at all:

“There was certainly no agreement between the Attorneys-General on any matter related to the 1962 Water Agreement during their meeting.”

The Singapore PAP dictatorship also said that it has agreed to let the international court settle the water price review, claiming that it “is always prepared”:

“Singapore has always been prepared to settle disputes via appropriate third-party dispute settlement procedures, on terms mutually agreed to by the parties.”