Vivian Balakrishnan; Facebook

Foreign Minister Vivian Balakrishnan returned home to Singapore a failure with nothing accomplished over the negotiations with Malaysia. The millionaire PAP Minister was over in Putrajaya Malaysia this week, meeting Malaysia Transport Minister and Foreign Minister. Like the High Speed Rail, RTS train service and Southern Johor airspace issue, the water territorial dispute and water price review were suspended.

Unable to resolve the territorial dispute at the Johor Straits, Singapore and Malaysia has both agreed to a temporary suspension while further talks is being carried out between the permanent secretaries of the respective foreign ministries.

According to the joint press statement, the two countries will be going to the international court if the negotiation fails:

“In the event that the committee is unable to reach an amicable solution on delimitation, Malaysia and Singapore may mutually agree to resort to an appropriate international third-party dispute settlement procedure on terms to be mutually agreed by the parties.”

The water price review is also part of the negotiation, and it will also be raised to the international court if the two sides are still unable to settle within the next few months.

Last week (March 3rd), Minister Vivian Balakrishnan lashed out at Malaysia calling their government “corrupt” and “dishonourable”. Malaysian Foreign Minister responded a week later saying the PAP Minister was being malicious and “hitting below the belt” in his baseless accusations.