Crowd; SMRT

In a propaganda move to play down the seriousness of today’s major train breakdown, public transport operator SMRT and state media Straits Times published a fake news claiming that a 3-hour long delay is only 30 minute.

According to SMRT’s official Twitter page, a track fault caused major delays for trains travelling on the East-West Line from 5.45am. Normal train services resumed only at around 8.30am.

The fault that spanned some 3 hours however became “30 minute” according to state media Straits Times. According to the 151st-ranking state media, train services were “crawling” and commuters need only add 30 minutes to their usual journey time:

“Commuters are advised to add 30 minutes’ travelling time and to use the North-South Line instead. Free regular bus services and free bus bridging services in both directions are available between Jurong and Queenstown stations.”

This is however grossly understated, as commuters ended up spending more than 1 hour added to their journey.

Commuters inconvenienced by the breakdown reported serious traffic jams for every station in the Friday peak hour morning. Free shuttle buses were severely overcrowded and there were poor crowd management due to a lack of ground staffs from SMRT.