Chan Chun Sing; Straits Times

Speaking at an economic forum, Trade Minister Chan Chun Sing said that the poor in Singapore are only “poor for the moment in time” and not forever:

“It is one thing to be poor at a moment in time. It is another to have no hope to be rich forever in the future, and that may be a deeper reason for the discontent around the world.”

The millionaire PAP Minister then added that Singaporeans need to vote the PAP to establish a “strong political centre”, so his government can make “long-term gains” from short-term losses:

“A strong political centre is needed for countries and leaders to make difficult and bold trade-offs that ensure long-term gains… We are at risk, and we can be in for a steep downward spiral if we don’t get both our economics and politics right…This sets the foundation for a strong political centre, translating to support for leaders who focus on the long term.”

The PAP leader then said that Singaporeans have to watch out for populist politicians who promise “quick fixes”:

“A fracturing middle class, seen in various countries, harms the political centre, and this is worsened by factors such as populist leaders who promise quick fixes to problems.”

Interestingly, the ruling party dictatorship became populist for this election year of 2019 just gave a S$6.1 billion election carrot, landing the country into a S$3.48 billion deficit in the Budget.