Singaporean lorry driver and British cyclist; Straits Times

The 58-year-old Singaporean lorry driver in the viral video incident is now facing a 2 weeks’ jail after the public prosecutor charged him for a rash act. Represented by a volunteer lawyer, fisherman Teo Seng Tong is also facing a second charge of not reporting an incident within 24 hours.

There is however no news of the British cyclist, Eric Cheung Hoyu, who was allowed to leave Singapore for Hong Kong on January 17. It is unknown if the perpetrator who started the road rage incident will return to face charges.

Fisherman Teo Seng Tong said he will not plead guilty because his pro bono lawyer volunteered to continue representing him.

The incident was caught on a car’s in-vehicle camera, where a cyclist who roadhogged the lane used his water bottle to smash the lorry’s side mirror after he was honked at. The driver lost control momentarily and bumped the cyclist off the road. The 35-year-old cyclist from UK was unharmed.

Watch the video of the incident here: