Lee Hsien Loong; CNA

In his latest move to clamp down on growing criticisms against his government, dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday (Mar 29) announced new censorship measures threatening that all online news sites are to remove articles when requested by the government or face lengthy jail term when they refuse:

“A proposed law will require online news sites to publish corrections or warnings on fake news, or even remove such articles in extreme cases… This includes requiring them to show corrections or display warnings about online falsehoods, so that readers or viewers can see all sides, and make up their own minds about the matter. In extreme and urgent cases, the legislation will also require online news sources to take down fake news before irreparable damage is done.”

The corrupted Prime Minister said the current censorship regime is insufficient, and that Singaporeans should be reading from government-approved websites for “facts”:

“Legislation alone is not enough. Such laws must be supplemented by citizens who are alert to the problem of fake news, well-informed of what is going on in the world, and provided with the means of making sound assessments of what they read and hear. Students are taught information literacy and cyber wellness in schools, and the National Library Board provides tips on such issues for the general population. The Government’s Factually website also publishes the ‘facts’ on government policies or issues of public interest.”

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong also added that the propaganda state media, like CNA, is an important “key partner” of his government to fostering an “informed” society:

“The Government, as one of your key partners, will work hand in hand with you. We share an interest in fostering an informed society through quality journalism.”