Khaw Boon Wan; Parliament

Using his self-formulated train reliability indicator, Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan made an astonishing claim saying that the MRT train system today is “far more reliable” than in the past:

“Building a world-class public transport system here requires a strategic investment in manpower, and the industry should draw lessons from the healthcare sector. The Most Improved MRT Line title went to the North-South Line for making the most progress, with a more than 10-fold increase in MKBF, from 89,000 train-km in 2017 to 894,000 train-km last year… Our MRT system today is far more reliable than it was in 2017. We have turned the corner.”

The millionaire PAP Minister was using the Mean Kilometre Between Failure (MKBF) indicator, which does not record the length of downtime when a breakdown occurs. The MKBF does not differentiate a breakdown which last 10 hours or one that last 30 minute. Train delay, speed and crowd capacity are also not reflected in MKBF. Yet, the government uses the MKBF as its sole indicator for train performance.

The MKBF was formulated by the Singapore dictatorship government as a fake indicator and propaganda tool to present a better image of the train system performance.

Transport Minister Khaw Boon Wan tried to defend the government’s usage of the MKBF at an award ceremony yesterday (Mar 29):

“The MKBF is an internationally accepted benchmark for rail reliability performance and measures the mean distance travelled before a train fault that lasts more than five minutes.”

The Singapore government has in recent years tried to cover up train breakdowns by not making public announcements, or understating the length of delay.

Earlier in the month, a 3 hour delay became a “30 min delay”, causing chaos at the affected stations with commuters misinformed by the propaganda fake news.