K Shanmugam; Straits Times

After granting himself dictatorship powers, Law Minister K Shanmugam justified his new censorship laws saying that the Singaporean public will start killing people or start burning places of worship if they read fake news:

“Such falsehoods could have dire, real world consequences, which is why they must be removed quickly. For instance, a false story about two Muslim men raping a Buddhist woman in Myanmar sparked lynch mobs within 24 hours, leading to deaths and injuries. In Indonesia, a false claim about a Chinese woman denigrating a mosque went viral in 24 hours, and brought out angry mobs that ransacked and destroyed 14 Buddhist temples.”

The fascist PAP leader said that if anyone has been wrongly accused of spreading fake news, one can always sue the government in the Singapore courts:

“The minister’s decision can be challenged in court and can be overturned. The courts decide ultimately what is true and what is false and they will be the final arbiters.”

However, no PAP minister has ever lost a single lawsuit in the Singapore courts.

The tyrant Law Minister who recently made a police report against two critics who wrote that they wanted to throw eggs at him, claimed that he will not be going after Singaporeans who criticise the government:

“People can continue to criticise the Government and express their views on politics and current affairs without fearing they will run afoul of the proposed law. For instance, saying “the Government is to be blamed for rising inequality”, “human rights in Singapore is being curtailed” and “the Government is not giving back my CPF” will not attract any punishments or sanctions under the law. All of those are opinions, and it doesn’t get caught by this Bill.”