Donald Trump offering a dog handshake to Lee Hsien Loong; Washington Times

In exchange of getting personal awards from US institutions and getting to make a speech at the US-controlled United Nations assembly, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong offered his country up to US, pledging that the US army will have free access to all military facilities in Singapore.

Pledging his allegiance to US President Donald Trump like a colonial slave, Lee Hsien Loong signed away Singapore’s sovereignty allowing them to station their war machines, fighter planes and naval ships in Singapore:

“We are very happy with our relationship, we hope to grow it, and we hope that it will also be a means for the US to deepen its engagement in South-east Asia and the Asia Pacific region.”

US President Donald Trump was delighted by the free military base and praised Lee Hsien Loong:

“We’re signing a memorandum of defence — really, an understanding. And it’s a very strong understanding. We know where we are. We have an extraordinary relationship with Singapore and with the Prime Minister.”

South East Asia is now more dangerous with the militarization of United States in Singapore, and China forces near Philippines in South China Sea. Both sides claim to “guard” the South China Sea, which sits on the lucrative US$600 billion oil route.

Backstabbing China

Singapore claims to take a neutral stance between US and China, but with the new signing, Lee Hsien Loong now risk upsetting China which has a stake in the South China Sea. China is Singapore’s main trading partner, and the Chinese government has already pulled back on investments in the country, choosing to pour billions for foreign investments in neighbouring Malaysia instead.

On the same day of the signing, Senior Minister Teo Chee Hean launched a new propaganda paper called “ThinkChina” to support China, using only lips service and empty praises. On a second-tier preference, so long there is no compromise on US interests, the Lee Hsien Loong administration will support China. On the issue of Hong Kong protests, the Singapore government actively condemns the Hongkong protestors to please China.