Lee Hsien Loong posing for media photo; Straits Times

In yet another move to appease frustrated Singaporean parents over the shortage of childcare places, dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announced that he will be converting 80 PAP Children Foundation (PCF) kindergartens to offer full-time childcare.

Despite falling birth rate, childcare places have been deliberately made insufficient over the years by the government to inflate prices. In Sep, Minister Desmond Lee announced that the fees will increase by 5%.

Childcare fees at PCF charges as much as S$720 a month, and Singaporean families are heavily dependent on the ruling party PAP government to subsidise the artificially-inflated prices set by the government themselves.

Kindergartens in new BTO estates like Punggol, Sengkang and Choa Chu Kang will be providing the childcare places over the next four years. The ruthless ruling party is expected to earn an estimated another S$10 million profit a year from its 360 Sparkelots centers which offers 40,000 places.

The latest election to increase childcare places move came after PAP Minister Ng Chee Meng announced free childcare for low-income families last month.

The PCF is the ruling party PAP’s for-profit business aimed to steal from Singaporeans, who are under propaganda impression that these are non-profit charities. PAP politicians often abuse the PCF to further their political agenda by posing for media photos with young children, and uses the kindergartens to make money for the political party.

No other political party is allowed to create a business arm in the Lee Hsien loong dictatorship.