Lee Hsien Loong; PAP

In preparation for the December General Election, the ruling party has prepared a new legal cheating mechanism to ensure that only pro-PAP propaganda will take headlines during the election.

Singapore’s propaganda ministry, the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI), confirmed that they will be using the new POFMA law to take down any content they dislike during the upcoming election period.

All internet content that opposes the PAP government will likely be censored by “selected senior civil servants”, according to the MCI:

“The robust safeguards on the use of POFMA will continue to be in place during the elections.”

The POFMA law was passed by the ruling party dictatorship through their overwhelming presence in Parliament, despite opposition from the population. No public consensus was given after a public hearing, and neither was anyone convinced about the rationale of granting the government absolute powers to bypass judicial processes on censorship.

MCI also accused online news site TOC of fabricating fake news, when the latter posted that the Ministers will be enforcing the POFMA act during the elections. MCI clarified that the government will enforce the POFMA act, not through the ministers, and through “senior civil servants”.

However, Singapore’s Civil Service – including the Police – is notorious for being politically-biased. The Civil Service is so supportive of the ruling party PAP to the point that they are just a proxy of the PAP ministers. There is no integrity in Singapore’s Civil Service to talk about when it comes to political issues where dictator Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has a firm leash on.