Dr Tommy Koh, and state media editor Warren Fernandez; Straits Times
Singapore is a capitalistic society where we expect delivery from what we paid for.
There is no room for incompetence, excuses and mistakes regardless of intent, especially after the price has been paid.
This is why Dr Tommy Koh’s comment calling the Singaporean employer who sent home their injured maid home as “Third World” is unfair. Do you expect the Singaporean employer to continue paying S$1,000 a month for a nonfunctional service?
Dr Tommy Koh is after all a rich old man where a thousand dollars is just loose change to him.
We Singaporeans embrace capitalism, we earn each cent and dollar with our own hard work and hence we reasonably expect to get what we paid for.
It is not that we are uncompassionate, we can be charitable only if we can afford it.
The same goes to the PAP ministers. We have no qualms paying them million dollar salaries, if they can keep increase wages, lower cost of living and gives everyone a decent quality of life. To be honest, most don’t care if it is a dictatorship or if PAP is in power forever.
No, our poor are better off dead than alive, our old people are robbed of their dignity working as servant cleaners, our young people are jobless and we have the world’s longest working hours.
This is why I am removing the PAP out of power. If I get into power, I will be a dictator too, if it means the fastest way to deliver a better life for everyone.

Alex Tan