Lee Hsien Loong; Facebook

When questioned over the Singapore government rigging elections to give itself unfair advantages, Lee Hsien Loong responded saying that Singaporeans voted for his ruling party PAP and they have no problems with it:

“Every seat is contested in the elections – it was the case in the last election in 2015, and almost every seat was contested in the previous election in 2011. The population so voted. If they were unhappy with me, I would not be sitting here so peacefully, smiling and talking to you. I would have other problems on my mind.”

The Singapore dictator with the world’s highest political salaries also said democracy is not important and that the Opposition is not needed in Parliament:

“It is not whether you have got the right numerical balance in Parliament, between the opposition and the government, but whether it is functioning to govern Singapore well.”

Lee Hsien Loong also told the US media that he commands respect from Singaporeans and that his government is delivering good result:

“I hope that in 10 or even 20 years, Singapore will continue to have a system which is functioning for it, which commands respect from the population, and is delivering good government to them. I think that the key test for Singapore’s political system is whether it is generating a leadership which is competent, committed and delivering results.”

In 2017, Lee Hsien Loong rigged the Presidential Election to let his choice of candidate, Halimah Yacob, be made President. The corrupted S$1.54 million-a-year President was his subordinate for 20 years prior her “election” in a walkover.