K Shanmugam, Lee Hsien Loong, Chan Chun Sing, Gan Kim Yong; PAP

After two years of intensively fixing political opponents for the dictator, Lee Hsien Loong rewarded his new favourite hound with a special photoshoot position at the PAP leadership selection round yesterday (Nov 12).

At the party conference yesterday, Minister K Shanmugam was shown standing next to the dictator Prime Minister, alongside the PM’s other favourite, former army general Minister Chan Chun Sing. Standing next to the dictator is fervently exciting to the ruling party supporters, just like young North Korean ladies standing next to Kim Jong Un in person. Numerous excited party members poured praises for the Home Affairs and Law Minister, and even speculated that he could be the next Deputy Prime Minister.

The Law Minister however played humble when addressing state media reporters, saying that their “speculations are off the mark”:

“I can understand the speculation based on the photograph at the party conference and my relative seniority. But these assessments are based on a snapshot, of a point in time, rather than a deep understanding of how the PAP operates and how transition works. I have said on Sunday, in response to a question as to whether I will be one of the ASGs, that these matters have to be decided by the CEC, but that my own view is that the appointments must reflect the future and not the transition. So quite a bit of the breathless speculation may be off the mark.”

As the only Minister holding the two important ministerial profiles, Home Affairs and Law, Minister K Shanmugam has been instrumental in the tightening of state censorship regime and creation of new enforcement legislation to curtail freedom and privacy under the guise of fighting terrorism.

Last year, the PAP Minister helped Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong re-write the country’s Constitution to conduct a racist election, and also to turn the Prime Minister-assigned proxy, Halimah Yacob, from an Indian native to a Malay.

Minister K Shanmugam then led the attack on online criticisms earlier this year, with promises that he will grant the government unlimited powers bypassing the jurisdiction on “fake news”, defamation and contempt of court charges.

Lee Hsien Loong was “re-elected” at a closed-door election on Sunday, as the secretary general for the 9th times since 2004. The 66-year-old fascist leader had earlier indicated that he will be stepping down by age 70, but there is still no successor in sight.