AMK TC committee, Victor Wong; PAP

At the corruption trial of Ang Mo Kio GRC Town Council yesterday (Nov 13), the PAP town council manager Victor Wong Chee Meng was described as “lecherous” as he would hug and touch every woman he sees at the KTV pub he frequents:

“Chia had described Wong as being lecherous, going by his behaviour at karaoke pubs. “In the KTV, even though there were many people around (hostesses or Chia), Victor Wong would do anything he wanted. He would hug everyone and touch everything.”

The 58-year-old town council manager who is in court for allegedly corrupting S$107,000 from town council funds was a staunch PAP supporter trusted by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong himself.

According to the contractor who bribed Victor Wong, he could not keep up with the duo’s nightly KTV visits:

“I cannot take it any longer. Later, when I drive to Ng Teng Fong Hospital, I will snap a photo and show him. I have only half my life remaining, I cannot continue this anymore.”

The court heard that the bribery included not only prostitution and pub visits, but also favors like arranging a job placement for his daughter-in-law and getting a S$13,500 discount off a Toyota Corolla Altis.

The Prime Minister’s former favourite has denied all charges. None of the 6 PAP MPs or the Prime Minister has been summoned as a court witness despite them holding financial payment authority. The case has brought a stark contrast in judiciary treatment compared to the recent Workers’ Party trial.

Earlier in October, 3 WP MPs were sued in a civil suit for S$33 million over alleged “improper” payments in town council contracts. In the WP case, the police and auditors cleared the WP MPs of any wrongdoing and concluded there was no corruption.

Applying WP’s charges on the Ang Mo Kio Town Council, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong should similarly be brought to court to face the corruption payments – totalling S$23 million  over two years – he approved for Victor Wong. Lee Hsien Loong was absolved of any responsibility over Victor Wong’s corruptions as the country is a dictatorship.

The country’s corruption bureau, CPIB, lacks independence as it reports under the Prime Minister’s Office. To date, the Prime Minister was never investigated even though there are clear conflict of interests in his role as GIC Chairman, and his wife as CEO of Temasek Holdings, while he sets the interest rates of CPF retirement funds.

A General Election is due by 2021, and there is a chance that Lee Hsien Loong could see himself subject to public prosecution after he lose power like former Malaysia PM Najib Razak. The former Malaysian dictator lost power in the country’s general election in May this year, and he is now facing more than 30 charges in corruption and abuse of power.